We have been homeschooling since our oldest turned 4. He had been in 3 different preschools on two continents, and after taking him out of each one before the end of the school year for various reasons, we decided to “take kindergarten off.” We figured it couldn’t do much harm, would eliminate the frustrations we had struggled with at each of his preschools, and if it didn’t work out we’d send him back to school. What started as a temporary solution became a lifestyle and philosophy that we have continued with our subsequent children, and now all four kids (ages 10, 6, 4, and 2) are home with us. Homeschooling itself is quite a misnomer, because I would more accurately say that we are “never-at-home-schoolers” since we thrive in the outdoors, at our various classes, and on adventures of all sorts. It has been brought to my attention over the years that many parents who have always had their kids enrolled in school have an image of the homeschooling parent as a teacher who must oversee the children’s every academic endeavor. Most people who hear that I homeschool my kids say, “I could never do that!” which I’m not sure is meant as a compliment, but is most likely just a misunderstanding of what role I actually play, and of what my true goals are in keeping my kids home. I’m both looking to offer something that is unique to homeschooling, and avoid other things that are unique to school. I don’t think that school is bad, but I do think it is not a good fit for many children for different reasons. For us, for now, we are happy with what we have cultivated with our homeschooling lifestyle, and I plan to write more about our adventures on the blog part of this website so you can see what I mean!